Carlos hidalgo




Carlos Hidalgo, aka Carl Langdon, is an American bass player and composer. His love and passion for music began at the age of 12 when he started taking lessons for violin and cello. he later then chose and got placed on double bass, where his passion for bass began to emerge.

At 16 years of age he received his first electric bass from a close friend and mentor in which with countless hours of practice, proper guidance from professionals, his own experimentation of meshing different genres of sounds, and a deep passion for low growly warm tones are where his wide range of experience, love, and commitment of today comes from. He's a hard working professional with an incredible groove strict at improving himself everyday for what the demand of today's music requires and although his training is extensive, he is best described as playing by feel.

As a professional, CARLOS realizes the importance of being punctual, well-rehearsed and ready for each performance OR session. HE has successfully recorded 2 albums and several EP’s with local bands in Houston. His playing experience includes sharing the stage with national performances such as P.O.D., 10 Years, Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Buckcherry, Drowning Pool, a successful east coast tour with Scott Stapp, and many more. He currently plays for dead stereo, Seldom, St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Chapelwood United Methodist Church, and other various cover bands and churches.

Most of HIS influences vary from all sorts of styles and genres but his biggest ones include bands such as Chevelle, SNARKY PUPPY, Tool, JAMIROQUAI, Deftones, Periphery, Coldplay, Chris Tomlin, Robbie Seay, Bob Marley, Double Trouble, Chris Stapleton, MARCUS MILLER, Andrew Belle, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, and The Eagles.

Carlos plans to continue his endeavors in the bass community and will keep pushing himself to become one of the leading bassist in the world.



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